Restriction on leasing building attached to land with annual lease payment

A land user who leases land from the Government with annual payment is not allowed to lease houses and building attached to the land unless such land user registers for real estate business under the Law on Real Estate Business 2014. At first, it seems quite illogical to limit the owner of an asset to lease it while still allow such asset to be sold. However, this is the position under the current land regulations. In particular,

Which deviations from EIARs could trigger environmental authorities’ consent?

Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) is required for investment projects which may have material adverse effect on the environment. An EIAR must contain, among others, basic information of the relevant project; technology applied; construction items and activities which are likely to adversely affect the environment; assessment of the project’s impacts to the environment; and measures to mitigate the impacts and protect the environment. An EIAR may run over hundreds of pages.