Implementing Decree of the new Vietnam Law on Laws

The new Decree 37/2016 implementing the Law on Laws 2015 provides some notable clarifications of the Law on Laws 2015 as follows:

  • Various types of decisions of the Prime Minister are excluded from being a law such as decision approving development strategy or a master plan or decision not satisfying the conditions of a law under the Law on Laws 2015;
  • Decree 37/2016 provides detailed drafting and formatting rules on a legal document including various sample Decrees and Circulars; and
  • Decree 37/2016 requires Vietnamese language to be used in a legal document. The Vietnamese language used in a legal document must be consistent and must not be local dialect or old-fashioned words. Vietnamese words in a legal document must be clear and should not have multiple meaning. If a word can have multiple meaning then the meaning used in the legal document must be used.