Environmental license and permit for industrial parks in Vietnam

The following is a non-exhaustive list of licenses, permits and requirements on environment which an industrial park in Vietnam need to comply with.

1. Environment impact assessment report (EIAR – Báo cáo đánh giá tác động môi trường) or environment protection plan (EPP – Kế hoạch bảo vệ môi trường).

2. Confirmation on completion of the environmental protection works (Xác nhận hoàn thành công trình bảo vệ môi trường).

3. Management of hazardous waste:

3.1. hazardous waste generator register (Sổ đăng ký chủ nguồn chất thải nguy hại);

3.2. contracts on delivery of hazardous waste to organizations or individuals licensed to manage hazardous waste if the industrial park has no environmental protection works to treat and process the hazardous waste by itself;

3.3. preparation, use, storage and management of records for hazardous waste, and dossiers, documents and diaries relating to the hazardous waste management for 5 years;

3.4. submission of report on hazardous waste to the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE) on an annual basis; and

3.5. report to DONRE every 6 months on storage of hazardous waste at the industrial park in case of failure to transfer the hazardous waste.

4. Management of wastewater discharge:

4.1. permits for wastewater discharge, except for those discharging non-hazardous waste water of less than 5m3/day-night in volume and those discharging wastewater into licensed centralized wastewater treatment system;

4.2. payment for environmental protection fees for wastewater discharge;

4.3. preparation and storage of operation diaries. The content of such operation diaries includes wastewater volume, used electricity amount, used chemical and sludge amount;

4.4. operation of intake wastewater flow meters and monitors in 24/24 hours and automatic transmitting of data to the DONRE; and

4.5. wastewater treatment factory operated by at least three managers, one of who must have a college degree or higher degree in the sector of environmental technology, chemical technology, biotechnology, electricity technology or technology on water supply and drainage.

5. Environmental monitoring activities:

5.1. storage of the copy of the automatic record on environmental monitoring, the original of the periodical monitoring results, and the original of analyzing results in at least three years; and

5.2. periodic monitoring of wastewater with respect to parameters which have not been measured through such automatic and constant monitoring process.