Firefighting and prevention license and permit for industrial parks in Vietnam

The following is a non-exhaustive list of licenses, permits and requirements on firefighting and prevention applicable for an industrial park in Vietnam which are subject to the monitor of firefighting and prevention and may pose a risk of fire and explosion.

1)          Appraisal of firefighting and prevention design (Thẩm duyệt thiết kế về phòng cháy chữa cháy) by the competent authority before commencing the construction.

2)          Acceptance of firefighting and prevention (Nghiệm thu về phòng cháy và chữa cháy) by the competent authority before putting the construction works into operation.

3)          Compulsory fire and explosion insurance for the properties of the industrial park.

4)          Safety rules for fire prevention and fighting (Nội quy an toàn về phòng cháy và chữa cháy) which must have the basic content specified under Article 5.1 of Circular 66/2014.  

5)          Direction map, instruction signs for firefighting and prevention (Sơ đồ chỉ dẫn, biển cấm, biển báo, biển chỉ dẫn về phòng cháy và chữa cháy).

6)          Fire prevention and fighting control documentation (Hồ sơ quản lý, theo dõi hoạt động phòng cháy và chữa cháy) which include documents as listed under Article 3.1 of Circular 66/2014 including but not limited to inspection minutes regarding safety of fire prevention and fighting, logbook for training and management of fire prevention and fighting equipment.

7)          Decision on the establishment of grassroots fire brigades (Thành lập đội phòng cháy và chữa cháy cơ sở) or professional firefighting team (Đội phòng cháy chữa cháy chuyên ngành) which must be submitted to the competent authority.

8)          Certificate of training on fire prevention and fire fighting for grassroots fire brigades.

9)          Firefighting vehicle for the industrial park which is assessed (kiểm định) by the competent authority.

This post is contributed by Le Minh Thuy, a trainee at Venture North Law